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UltraApps Portal Standard Edition - version 1.5
About This Portal
This revolutionary Web Portal is a great online solution for a Club, Association, Corporation, Nonprofit or any other company or organization. It combines several online applications into one easy to use package. Now you too can build an Online Community, Intranet or Extranet!  
The portal comes with several e-content modules, such as as Event List, Links, Classifieds, News and Discussions, which is a great way to get started.  
You can customize each module for your needs by editing enclosed HTML template files and/or Cascading Style Sheets. Add your logo, change the colors, or simply install it as is. The full source code and the database are also included!  
Free Support
Free and timely support is available to all users. Feel free to browse around and test the system. If you spot an issue or have a wish, you're welcome to let us know via discussions. 
System Requirements
The Portal can be installed in any environment whether Windows, Linux or Macintosh, as long as you have a web server, either locally or externally hosted.
The only requirements are that your web server or your hosting company's server supports any of the following technologies: ASP, PHP, Perl/CGI, ColdFusion, JSP or ASP.NET/C#. You also need to have a database installed (MySQL, MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle, etc.)  



 X Can you add Attachment Upload functionality? 
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 X Is this CodeCharge app? 
 X Improvements, anyone ? 
 X Email Notifications 
 X Very good application ! 

Xmas Fred - Cartoon for your Desktop 
Berkeley Lab 
NASA Ames Research Center 
San Francisco Cable Car Museum 
UC Observatories/Lick Observatory 
Chabot Space & Science Center 
Monterey Bay Aquarium 
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 
Ask An Expert Page 


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